Financing Strategies for Small Business Owners

TAB’s recent survey unveils how small business owners approach financial strategies for their businesses

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Value Builder Summary – Q4, 2016

The folks who publish the Value Builder Assessment just released their data for 4th quarter showing their Business Liquidity Index jumped significantly during 2016.  What does that mean for your business?

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Cloud Computing Insights

Wonder what business owners think about cloud computing? Click the link below to see TAB’s business owner survey of cloud computing use. Cloud_Computing_Insights_US Access the full report

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Healthy Organizations – An Organization Development Perspective

By Mark Komen, President, Kodyne, Inc. So is there such a thing as a “healthy organization?” Some might consider their reply to this question in terms of financial measures, perhaps based on revenue, funding, profitability, cash flow and a balance sheet with favorable ratios.  Others might point to a mature and extensive customer or client base with lots of repeat business and a large backlog of orders to process.  Both of these are certainly valid perspectives. I would like to consider this from an organization development…

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Beware of Benchmarking!

By Mark Komen, President.  Kodyne, Inc. If there was ever a business quicksand pit, it would be the practice of benchmarking.  Benchmarking, as a business practice, came into prominence in the 1980s as organizations strived to find ways to improve themselves.  A worthy exercise at its basic level, benchmarking is the process of comparing how your company or organization does things with how others do things.  In particular, those companies or organizations perceived as industry leaders.  Now this in and of itself isn’t so bad.  There…

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Do I Need Coaching or Consulting?

By Mark Komen, President.  Kodyne, Inc. Are coaches, “consultants?”  Are consultants, “coaches?”  Can someone do both?  To address these questions, I look at coaching and consulting as activities not labels describing professional practices. Yes, coaches can be consultants and vice versa but these are distinctly different approaches to addressing client needs using skill sets that are very different from each other. So what’s the difference between coaching and consulting?  My short answers: Coaching is about exploring…

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Mark’s Monthly TAB Meeting Calendar

Strategic Board – 2nd Tuesday of the month
Strategic Board – 2nd Wednesday
Entrepreneur Board – 3rd Tuesday
Strategic Board – 3rd Wednesday