I help business owners live their dreams.

Are you living yours?

We all went into business with an idea of how life was going to be for ourselves.  Often, I hear from owners that their dream gets pushed further and further away as the day-to-day realities of running a business takes precedence.  I understand – I’m a business owner too.

 Don’t lose sight of your future!  Contact me at 763-551-4777 to see how I can help.



I was part of an evaluation team for a major health care organization under the auspices of the Performance Excellence Network in October 2017.

I attended the 2017 Human Synergistics Culture Conference in Chicago, IL on 10/3.

I attended the 2017 TAB Facilitator’s conference in Westminster, CO in August.

In association with Executive Confidante, I am now offering Business Transition Support Services for those business owners in the throes of or contemplating the sale of their businesses.  If you are dealing with frustration, anxiety or stress about the sales process or uncertainty about your future after the sale, contact me – we can help!

I am now offering The Value Builder Score assessment for guiding business owners to maximize the value of their organizations.

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Mark’s Monthly TAB Meeting Calendar

Strategic Board – 2nd Tuesday of the month
Strategic Board – 2nd Wednesday
Entrepreneur Board – 3rd Tuesday
Strategic Board – 3rd Wednesday