“Mark and my TAB group provided strategic thinking and a comfortable sounding board where I gained confidence in my decision-making by discussing my issues with people who understand small business.”

– Mark Jedele, Total Export. Minneapolis, MN


“Mark opened my eyes to making our organization better.  He gave me a vocabulary around culture and the difference between culture and climate.  He also gave us a framework for assessing organizational skills which tied directly to our employee evaluations.  We discussed leadership and the need to balance the task and behavior sides of leading.  I enjoyed working with Mark – he listened to my issues and gave me good feedback.”

– Bob Archambault, Stinson Electric. Minneapolis, MN


“Mark does very well in delving into tougher challenges.  He offers great support, ideas and is always willing to brainstorm with me.  His positive personality adds to the feeling of success I get when I’ve crossed something off the list.”

– Pat Doherty, Total Real Estate Success.  Roseville, MN


“Mark’s experience and advice around staffing and customer situations was invaluable.  Mark always helped me keep my eye on the big picture for my company.”

– Nick Bartlett. Freedom Digital, LLC.  Maple Grove, MN


“I always find Mark’s insights to be unbiased and valuable.  We spent extensive time working on topics such as company culture, team assessment, strategic business planning and leadership and situation analysis.  He frequently has a viewpoint I have not considered.”

– Jeff Mattson. ISC Companies.  Plymouth, MN


“Mark is by far and away the best facilitator I have worked with in my forty-year career.”

– Kurt Kaiser. Oziama. Shoreview, MN


“I would encourage anyone who is an entrepreneur to seriously consider being a member of TAB!”

– Dan Waters. ProMation Systems. Coon Rapids, MN


“I’ve gotten great value out of my participation in TAB. My board is truly my board – providing me with honest and frank feedback, insight into struggles or challenges I experience in the course of doing business, and much-appreciated support! Along with all of this is how well it works to hold me accountable to my goals and strategies. TAB has been very helpful in keeping me on track and focused.”

– K. Matsuhashi. Executive Confidante . Eagan, MN


“I joined TAB for the accountability I felt membership would provide – having someone to answer to for my intentions and actions that is otherwise lacking when you’re the owner of a company. The accountability piece is definitely there for me in TAB, but what I’ve also gained has been the sense of raising my head “out of the trenches” – getting a broader view of my business and what I should/could be doing. I come out of every meeting re-energized for running my business.”

– Susan McPherson. Creative Communications Consultants. Minneapolis, MN


“I have been a TAB group member for over 15 years and find continuing value in discussing my business with other business owners. From my perspective only business owners can truly see the business side of an issue; and that has great value for me.”

– M. Day. HumeraTech. Rogers, MN


“Having had some exposure to many of the CEO peer advisory groups in town, I can say that my experience with TAB has been excellent. I have participated in a number of their board meetings over the years as a subject matter expert speaker. I have been impressed with the content and quality of the meetings and the integrity with which they treat their clients. The way they hold their clients accountable to achieving their stated goals is fantastic. It is easy for me to refer them to my clients because I have seen firsthand what they do and firmly believe in it.”

– K. Saddler, partner. B2BCFO

Mark’s Monthly TAB Meeting Calendar

Strategic Board – 2nd Tuesday of the month
Strategic Board – 3rd Wednesday
Entrepreneur Board – 3rd Tuesday