Consulting 325 x 215


I offer consulting services in every facet of business operation from the executive level to the shop floor.  My extensive network of consulting associates gives you access to top-notch, experienced professionals to help you grow and manage your business with confidence.



Here are just a few of the ways I’ve helped businesses like yours:

  • Provided leader and manager development, training, coaching and consulting
  • Provided individual and team effectiveness training, coaching and consulting
  • Guided team launches
  • Developed leadership transition and development plans
  • Performed organizational culture assessments and developed road maps for change
  • Developed guiding principles (vision, mission, values) for building organizational futures
  • Guided strategic planning exercises for both for-profit and non-profit organizations
  • Designed and facilitated management meetings and retreats
  • Mapped, analyzed and re-designed business processes
  • Developed strategic hiring and on-boarding processes
  • Developed frameworks for supporting merger/acquisition activities


Mark Komen     763-551-4777

Mark’s Monthly TAB Meeting Calendar

Strategic Board – 2nd Tuesday of the month
Strategic Board – 3rd Wednesday
Entrepreneur Board – 3rd Tuesday